The 10th anniversary edition of the Krakow St John’s Fair begins on 14 June (Friday). As every year, we will meet at Czerwieński Boulevard to spend time with family and friends, and at the same time to take a look at the history of our ancestors: see what life in the city was like in the past, take part in craft workshops and taste traditional dishes based on 16th-century recipes. We especially warmly invite the youngest kids, schoolchildren and students, because this year’s edition of the Fair will be devoted to Krakow’s students. A week before the beginning of the Fair, on 8 and 9 June, two walks will take place, led by Mariusz Wollny, who will reveal what Krakow used to look like in the past – from the perspective of both students and law enforcement services.


We want the 10th St John’s Fair to introduce the audience, especially its youngest members, to the everyday life of the 16th-century Cracovians. Therefore, we have prepared special attractions for children so that they can spend this time in the most interesting and creative way possible.



Walks with Mariusz Wolny will be important events preceding the Fair.


The first walk, on Saturday, 8 June at 1 p.m., will lead us through the most important places of Collegium Maius (Jagiellońska 15), the oldest building of the Jagiellonian University. The main motifs of the walk will be the sixteenth-century universities, costumes and student customs, colleges, lectures, as well as the relationship between the university and the city. The participants will also visit an interactive exhibition, which includes an alchemy room. The Libraria will also be available during the visit to the museum.


Sunday’s walk (9 June) will focus not on the city’s elite, but on ordinary people, especially the poorer residents of the city. The subject matter will oscillate around the life of the townspeople, the troublemakers and the law enforcement services. We will learn more about criminal penalties in the 16th-century city, places of execution and city law. The walk will start at 10 a.m. – we meet in front of the entrance to the Town Hall Tower (Rynek Główny 1).


Registration is required for the walks:

8 June HERE

9 June HERE



 As every year, St John’s Fair abounds in a rich educational offer. This year, on Friday, the first day of the event, the offer will be additionally enriched with activities for organised groups. Students of today’s schools will be able to learn about the realities of Renaissance schools and, through participation in numerous workshops and talks, obtain one of the four patents: scholar, town hall podhutmani official, fair participant and fair visitor.


From 11 a.m. until sunset on Czerwieński Boulevard there will be ongoing classes and workshops – waiting for participants will be Renaissance cuisine, papermaking workshop, gingerbread makers’ bakery, greenhouse, carpenter’s workshop, armourer’s workshop, rope-making workshop, candlemaking workshop, weaving mill, saltworks, a tailor’s workshop and potter’s studio. At the top of every hour from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., additional dance workshops will take place.