St. John's Fair 2019 map

What will happen at St. John’s Fair 2019? We would like to invite You to Krakow, near monumental Wawel castle, where history will happen beetween 14th and 16th of June. Just have a look at detailed map of this years St. John’s Fair.

This year’s edition will be devoted to the pupils and students of various schools, townspeople and city guards, for whom the university students were a real nuisance. During the three days of St John’s Fair, we will witness shows and performances of reconstruction groups, as well as craftsmen’s work, with both commercial stalls and historical kitchens showing us their wealth. As every year, Tutnar and his assistants will be running the patent business. This year, those willing and eager for challenges have the opportunity to obtain the patents of the fair attendee, scholar and a podhutmani – a deputy city official responsible for maintaining order. Future scholars will be educated by excellent lecturers at several colleges and lecture halls. The young apprentices will, in turn, be awaited by a candle maker, a printer, a potter, an armourer, a merchant and a Renaissance cook, among others.

St. John’s Fair is a close encounter with the Golden Age. We introduce Cracovians and visitors to the history and cultural heritage of our ancestors! Over the three days, we present some fascinating historical facts through fun and games, workshops and spectacles. We also bring living history and introduce the lives of ordinary people – peasants, the bourgeois, craftsmen, students, soldiers – against a backdrop of important past events. We intertwine political and social history, arts and crafts and literature. Great figures of kings, rulers and commanders are shown with a human aspect. All this helps visitors understand and enjoy Polish history. That’s what St. John’s Fair is all about!

Detailed programme of the St. John’s Fair 2019 available here: