School pupils, students and city guards, drummers and music, reconstruction groups and falconers; workshops for kids, obtaining patents and many other attractions – between the 14th and 16th of June 2019, join us for the 10th anniversary edition of St John’s Fair! Just outside Wawel Castle, there will be a meeting of enthusiasts who will bring us closer to the atmosphere of Renaissance Krakow, focusing especially on the everyday life of the residents. The event is organised by the City of Krakow and the Krakow Festival Office.

“St John’s fair is an event focused on the heritage and tradition of not only Krakow, but also of all of Poland. We invite whole families to Wawel Castle to spend time together, having fun and learning”, says Izabela Helbin, Director of the Krakow Festival Office. “This year, we particularly warmly invite parents to the Fair, who together with their children will be able to take advantage of a wide range of historical handicraft workshops in a special zone set up for this purpose. Learning through fun at the foot of Wawel Hill? That is our proposal for residents and tourists to spend a special June weekend, so we are encouraging everyone to participate in the Fair”, she says.

This year’s edition will be devoted to the pupils and students of various schools, townspeople and city guards, for whom the university students were a real nuisance. During the three days of St John’s Fair, we will witness shows and performances of reconstruction groups, as well as craftsmen’s work, with both commercial stalls and historical kitchens showing us their wealth. As every year, Tutnar and his assistants will be running the patent business. This year, those willing and eager for challenges have the opportunity to obtain the patents of the fair attendee, scholar and a podhutmani – a deputy city official responsible for maintaining order. Future scholars will be educated by excellent lecturers at several colleges and lecture halls. The young apprentices will, in turn, be awaited by a candle maker, a printer, a potter, an armourer, a merchant and a Renaissance cook, among others.

“This year, we want to deal with the city itself and its residents, without royal processions and court etiquette”, explains Róża Wollny, programme coordinator of the St John’s Fair. “The multicultural city of Krakow was governed by its own law and was vibrant with life regardless of whether the king and his court were in residence at Wawel or did not return there for many months.

At the Fair, drummers, bannermen, early music ensembles, mounted falconers, a fire theatre and early dance ensembles will show their skills. There will be demonstrations of Renaissance games and papermaking, and after a few years’ break, Krakow will once again be visited by an inquisitor with an executioner. We will see the scenes of commedia dell’arte theatre performed by an excellent Krakow troupe, which will present a full performance to the audience every evening. Join us for a journey to Renaissance Krakow – there will be no shortage of attractions!